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Call for Payload

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The DTUsat group hereby announces a CALL FOR PAYLOAD. The rules of the contest are:

  • The contributers should hold a Danish citizenship or be enrolled in a Danish school, university, or one of the universities under ěresundsuniversitet.
  • The best proposal will be awarded 10.000,- DKKr. if and only if the contributors are students. Non-students win the honour only.
  • The payload must comply with the specifications given by the launch provider, ref. www.cubesat.org.
  • The payload must be mountable in DTUsat and should interface with DTUsat ref. Payload Specs.
  • The payload mission or experiment must be executable in an orbit passing over Denmark.
  • Proposals designed for a single cubesat are preferable.
  • The payload will be realized by the winner(s). The DTUsat group will provide necessary technical and financial assistance.
  • Proposals shall be submitted in either LaTeX or Word formats using the designated templates. LaTeX users should use the class file dtusat.cls.
  • The deadline for proposals is 25th of October, 2005. The oral presentation will take place at DTU 10th of November, 2005. The exact location will be announced on this web site in the near future.

  • All approved proposals must be presented orally for the jury. The best proposals will be assembled in a white paper and made available on this web site.
  • In case of lack of approved contributions the organizers reserve the right to extend the deadline and/or expand the geographical area from which proposals are accepted.

The rules are not likely to change anymore.