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Payload Specs

DTUsat complies with the specifications for CubeSats www.cubesat.org. The maximum allowed weight is thus 1 kg and overall dimensions are 10x10x10 cm³. All sub systems are thus limited by these constraints. As a preliminary guideline the payload sub system will be awarded between 20 and 25 % of the satellite resources. For a single unit cubesat that translates to:


200-250 mW of electrical power will be available over longer periods of time. The regulated voltage is 3,3V. Other voltages can be supplied if necessary. If more power is required the payload can only be operated in shorter periods.


20-25 % of available RAM, processor time etc. can be allocated to the payload. With no OBC spec.'s yet it is not possible to give precise numbers, however the spec.'s of the OBC on DTUsat-1 (the DTUsat-1 homepage is currently unavailable) may give an indication.


20-25 % of the downlink capacity can be allocated for the payload - as a minimum. A link budget is not yet available but DTUsat-1 aimed at ~2,2 kbit/s. Assuming 1 kbit/s should be on the safe side. A good pass typically takes 10 min (between 7 min and 14 min).

Attitude Determination and Control

The ADCS will not allocate any of it's resources for the payload. It is believed that DTUsat can be controlled with an pointing accuracy better than 10°. The attitude determination is believed to be better than 3°. Whether we will try to meet these specifications or not is highly dependant on the payload demands.


The payload shall fit inside the 10x10x10 cm3 cube and may have a mass of 200-250 g. It may fill approx. 2-2,5 dl (200-250 cm3). Only one side of the payload may measure the full 10 cm. It may occupy 20-25 % of the surface area or roughly 120-150 cm2. To get an overview of sizes have a look at the Design Help Page.

Soft Ware

We anticipate to incorporate payload specific software in the onboard software.

Ground Station

The ground station will be placed on DTU Campus therefore the mission of the payload shall be executable in an orbit, which passes over Denmark (no equatorial orbits allowed). Time and money may set further restrictions (do not anticipate a 40 m dish).

The specification list is tentative so try to keep as far away from the limits as possible. If you have no clue whether your proposal violates any of the sub-systems limitations - suggest it anyway and we will judge it.

The FAQ has moved to the Payload Design Help page.