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Test and Integration Facility

The DTUsat Test and Integration facility is used to finalize subsystems, test subsystems and integrate the subsystems into the complete satellite.

The facility offers the possibility for students to work on all the individual subsystems simultaneously in the same lab. This is highly beneficial for the project with almost all subsystems being cross disciplinary.

Working in the facility the students will gain a much higher contact with fellow DTUsat students from other DTU institutes and may learn from each other.

The spacious facility allows each subsystem a dedicated area in which equipment and set-up may be left untouched in between work sessions.

The students are expected to construct much of their testing set-ups them selves giving them a lot of practical experience in fabricating and qualifying space hardware.


A section of the facility will be reserved for integration of flight hardware and will include an ESD safe laminar flow bench. The flow bench provides a clean work environment for the sensitive flight hardware.


In addition the facility will also be used for smaller projects for students not yet involved in the DTUsat project.

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