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PSLV C9 Launch Event

Recorded beacons.


The DTUsat team will host a small event in conjunction with the PSLV C9 launch.

The event takes place at DTUsat Ground Station (SatCom), building 348 DTU.

The door opens at 8:30.

Launch is scheduled for 03:53 UTC which translates to 05:53 CEST (Danish summertime).

First visible pass is estimated to be between: 8:57 and 9:04 CEST (Danish summertime). First good pass is estimated to be between: 10:32 and 10:45. We will try to pick up the satellites beacon.


Received beacons go to the bottom of the page.

The order is reversed such that the oldest beacons are in the bottom of the page.


Seven CubeSats are onboard the PSLV C9:

AAUsat-II How to receive Payload

Cute-1.7 How to receive Payload

CanX-2 Payload

Delfi-C3 Payload


COMPASS-1 How to receive

COMPASS-1 caries a sunsensor developped by Jan H Hales, Martin Pedersen and René Fléron at MIC DTU now DTU Nano. (See picture below). 



Good luck to all!

AAUsat-II, COMPASS-1 and the Sun Sensor developed at DTU. (To AAU and Aachen teams: I stole the sat pic's of the internet without asking - please let me know if its' OK or not. -René)

Received Beacons

Pass 5. and 6. May 2008

Pass start 11:25 (9:25 UTC)

Not yet recorded

Pass 29. April 2008

Pass start 10:57 (08:57 UTC)

DTUsat GS records the first high quality beacons from AAUsat-II. These beacons are the first to be recorded with a quality good enough for full decoding.

The beacons below (click on AAUsat-II image) are excerpts of a whole package recorded during the pass.

By tweeking the receiver frequency engineers working at DTUsat GS yielded a much better quality signal. First step up was 5 kHz, second step up was 10 kHz with ever better signals. The transmitter oscillator must have drifted possible due to change in temperature.

Click on the images to hear the first high quality reception of AAUsat-II beacons.

Pass 28. April 2008

Pass start 13:48 (11:48 UTC).

Using a TLE provided by AAUsat-II Team.

Nothing but noise recorded.

Pass start 12:10:48 (10:10:48 UTC).

Nothing usefull recorded.



Pass start: 10:35:00 (08:35:00 UTC).

We believe we hear AAUsat-II

Click on the image to download a sound strip with what might be AAUsat-II beacon.

Pass start 08:56 (06:56 UTC).

The beacons were recorded approximately 7 min into the pass.

Click on the images to download beacons.

Cute 1.7 beacon (solo). COMPASS-1 beacon (long). COMPASS-1 beacon (short). Cute 1.7 beacon (Contains some COMPASS-1.)