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PSLV C14 Launch Event

The four cubesats launched 23. September 2009 at 06.21 (UTC) from Shriharikota India are:

  • UWE-2 Beacon @ 437,385 MHz (0,5W, GMSK)
  • BEESAT Beacon @ 436,000 MHz (CW) Callsign: DP0BEE
  • ITUpSAT1 Beacon @ 437,325 MHz (CW)
  • SwissCube beacon @ 437,505 MHz (0,12W, Morse)

If or when we receive beacons we will post them here. Click on the small icons to hear the beacons - scroll down.


Results of the day (23-09-09) are:

The pass at 13.06 (local time), 11.06 (UTC) gave some recordings however we are either not on the right frequency or not on the right time so the recorded signals are very noisy.

The pass at 14:45 (local time) 12:45 (UTC) gave some nice beacons from SwissCube and UWE-2. Thanks to Thorbjørn we even decoded the SwissCube battery voltages to: 4,12 and 4,16 respectively.

The pass at 16:23 (local time) 14:23 (UTC) gave two beacons from ITUpSAT1.

Not bad considering we ran a cold start of the Ground Station at 08:50 (roughly 30 minutes after launch).

Waiting... anticipating...

Pass @ 11:06 (UTC)

Nothing worth reporting.

Pass @ 12:45 (UTC)

Results of the tracking.

Click on the UWE-2 and SwissCube images to hear beacons.

Pass @ 14:23 (UTC)

Results of tracking. We changed TLE time (+30sec) in the middle of the first ITUpSAT1 beacon to get better reception.

Click on the ITUpSAT1 icon to hear the first beacon (5,6Mb).