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RAX-2 Launch Event

RAX-2 Launch Event

The RAX-2 satellite is a tripple CubeSat designed to study the plasma in the upper atmosphere using a bi-static radar system.

The RAX-2 satellite launch will take place on 28th October 2011. The launch window opens at 11.48 and closes at 11.57 Danish summertime.


The DTUsat team will host a small launch event and listen for beacons.


Beacon freq: 437,345 MHz every 20 sec nominal.

RAX homepage with beacon and TLE info.


Live video streaming of the launch from Spaceflight Now. and


1. AoS from DTUsat GS

Based on the pre-launch info from RAX-2 homepage we've estimated that the first possible contact with RAX-2 from DTUsat GS will be when RAX-2 passes over Madrid. That will happen between 14.25 and 14.34 DK Summer time (12.25 - 12.34 UTC). Estimated antenna azimut: 220.

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