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DTUsat 2 Launch Event

DTUsat-2 has been completed and delivered for launch. The launch will take place from Yasny in Russia on 19. of June 2014 @ 19:11:11 UTC.

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Click on the image to download the Launch Event program.

Info for Radio Amateurs

We encourage anyone with a radio capable of receiving in the S-band (2,4GHz) to listen for DTUsat-2 beacons.

The preliminary TLE of the Dnepr launch is:


1 12345U 14345A 14170.81049769 .00000000 00000-0 10000-4 0 7

2 12345 97.9897 066.2289 0012982 291.3145 244.3145 14.85013404 09


Beacon frequency: 2.401,835 MHz (2,401835 GHz)

Beacons are transmitted by two different subsystems onboard: COM (the radio) and OBC (the onboard computer). COM and OBC transmits every 60 seconds with a phase shift of 30 seconds. This means a beacon is transmitted every 30 seconds alternating between COM and OBC.

The COM beacon is Morse encoded and can be decoded by ear, the OBC beacon is FSK encoded.

Click on the image to download a pdf on decoding of the Morse beacon.

The sound quality of the recieved beacon depends on the link budget. Below we've made examples of increasingly lower signal to ratio, ie. more noise less signal. With these it's possible to do a little rehearsal before the pass begins.