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Primary Payload

The DTUsat-2 mission - defined by the Primary Payload - is to track migrating cuckoos in order to establish a more detailed theory of the nature of migration.

The DTUsat-2 primary payload consists of two segments. A ground segment (GPPL) to be strapped on the back of cuckoo birds and a space segment (PPL). The ground segment will transmit regular radio signals to DTUsat-2 as it passes over the cuckoo bird. The transmitted signals are received by the PPL radio module on board DTUsat. The transmitted signals contains GPS position data. All PPL data are transmitted to the ground station and will be used to determine the migratory route of the cuckoo bird.

The Primary Payload to fly on DTUsat was selected on 10th of November 2005 by the Jury at the Payload Conference.


GPPL v 3

It took 3 attempts to reach a design that meets requirements:

Maximum mass less than 5g

Maximum size 10x10x30 mm3 (excl antenna)

GPS capability

Maximum transmission distance 2300km


Apparently mass depends on time of measurement. We conclude that the mass is: 4,44 g +/-0,02g