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System Engineering

The system engineering (SysEng) group constitutes the core of the satellite building group. It does not undertake any construction work itself but assures the compatibility of the different subsystems. This is obtained by keeping track of the evolutionary history of each sub-system and making sure that the interfacing specifications are met. It is also the system engineering group that ensures that deadlines for each subsystem in the different development phases are met.

The graphics to the right shows the different development phases of a satellite project and typical time scales. Due to the nature of a student-satellite project, with an academic year (semesters) and students joining and leaving we anticipate doing the first two phases (A&B) more or less in parallel. To keep the project well within the time limits of a university study the satellite development phases are set to last 2-2½ year.

With the DTUsat mission established the maximum expected time span of the operation phase has been estimated to 18 months.

The majority of the SysEng group captured at the Kick Off Event March 2006. Top left: Mathias Benn, Jonas B Bjarnøe, Søren Dalsgaard, Jørgen Eriksen, Kristian Jensen. Bottom left: Martin Sørensen, Boris Stankovich, Malte Löfstedt. Missing: Teis Johansen, Martin Larsen and Anders Madsen