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Payload Proposals

Below is the list of contributors. Click on the image left of each description to download the full proposal in pdf format. Each proposal will be presented orally at the conference on the 10th of November. A presentation lasts 30 minutes including questions from the Jury and introduction of the presenter.

The proposals are in no way listed by priority but simply in the order we received them.

Proposal number one: A Field Effect electron Gun (FEG) based on a Carbon Nano Tube (CNT) or Nano Wire (NW). The contributors are Kristian Mølhave et al. from MIC at DTU.

Proposal number two: A bird tracking experiment conducted from space. The contributor is Kasper Thorup from Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen.

Proposal number three: An asteroseismic experiment. The contributors are Christoffer Karoff et al. from Physics and Astronomy, University of Aarhus

Proposal number four: A magnetometer and GPS payload for Earth magnetic field mapping. The contibutors are Michael Thomsen et al. from M&I Ørsted•DTU, DTU.

Proposal number five: A package of four sensors designed to investigate the lightning phenomena recently discovered in the upper atmosphere. The contributor is Jonas B. Bjarnø, M&I Ørsted•DTU, DTU

Proposal number six: A formation flying experiment as a presursor for a hard X-ray and gamma ray instrument. The contributors are Carsten Jensen et al. Danish National Space Center.

Proposal number seven: A cantilever fabricated using MEMS technology for the detection of contaminants such as dust particles or outgassing. The contributor is Jan H. Hales, MIC, DTU.