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  • 23-09-09 PSLV C14 launched today carrying 4 Cubesats: UWE-2, BeeSat, ITUpSAT1 and SwissCube. We will listen for their beacons
  • 01-09-09 Rocket Scientists Rocks! A team of five: four DTUsat students and the project manager participated in the DHL relay.
  • 13-08-09 Shaken not stirred! DTUsat went on the shaker table and came off with no system casualties.
  • 11-05-09 DTUsat received funding for LEOP event. DTUsat invites Danish High Schools to help locating DTUsat once in orbit!
  • 06-05-09 Make a Gnu Radio BPSK demodulator and WIN a Cake!
  • 01-05-09 DTUsat team celebrated the day with a WorkShop.
  • 20-02-09 DTUsat owned DTU RoadRunners (a.k.a. FL Smidth Car)
  • 20-12-08 DTUsat Team wishes everybody a merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year. The end of the semester was celebrated with a small X-Mas Event. Happy holidays.
  • 17-12-08 DTUsat is featured in the 12th December issue of the Engineer. If you a have login for the online version you can read the article here
  • 20-10-08 It's Alive! After last weeks WorkShop and two additional long days DTUsat Flat Sat took it's first breaths late Friday.
  • 10-10-08 New page for informal news posts on the DTUsat project: DTUsat Chit-Chat.
  • 09-10-08 DTUsat CDR will take place 7. November 2008.
  • 09-06-08 Announcement of the Vega Maiden Flight cubesats - the passengers have been chosen. DTUsat is not one of them, we congratulate the elected.
  • 09-06-08 4S Conference Presentation. DTUsat participated in the ESA conference 4S on Rhodes island with the presentation: DTUSAT-2
  • 29-04-08 DTUsat GS receives AAUsat-II beacons that could be fully decoded.
  • 28-04-08 DTUsat congratulates AAUsat-II, COMPASS-1 and all other satellittes with the successful launch of PSLV C9.
  • 25-04-08 DTUsat PDR will take place 30. April 2008.
  • 25-04-08 PSLV C9 Launch Event. The DTUsat group hosts a small launch event in conjunction with the launch off AAUsat-II, COMPASS-1 and other CubeSats.
  • 29-01-08 DTUsat team returned from Vega Maiden Flight Cubesat Workshop. See a couple of shots and read some participant impressions.
  • 04-01-08 The dean of education has granted DTUsat 100k DKKr (14k €). The donation was earmarked for "improvement of student environment". As a result the DTUsat Test and Integration facility received a significant lift.
  • 20-12-07 "Send dit budskab til verdenen" - DTUsat inviterer alle skolebørn til at deltage i konkurrencen. Indsend jeres forslag til et budskab skrevet på DTUsat. Læs mere her.
  • 13-12-07 DTUsat invited to participate in Cubesat workshop. From 22-24 January 2008 ESA-Estec will host the Vega Maiden Flight Cubesat Workshop. The workshop follows the CFP issued in October and constitutes the second step towards selection of the six Cubesat's bound to fly on the Vega maiden flight.
  • 27-11-07 X-Mas Event in DTUsat Test and Integration Facility. On 7. December we will have a small X-Mas event. Both the project and our Test and Integration facility will be on display. Come by and share a small X-Mas snack.
  • 09-10-07 ESA announces contest: "Call for European Student initiatives (SUCCESS)". Win a one-year internship at ESA's space research and technology centre, ESTEC, in the Netherlands.
  • 11-09-07 Projects pages has been Up-dated.
  • 07-09-07 Inauguration. On 5. September Vice-Chancellor Lars Pallesen cut the ribbon to the mark the opening of DTUsat Test and Integration facility.
  • 06-07-07 DTUsat Test and Integration Facility. The new Test and Integrations Facility will be inaugurated on 5. September. With this facility the students will be able to work simultaneously on their subsystems in the same lab. Stay tuned for sneak previews. Read more. 
  • 21-05-07 DTUsat participates in the ATPM Work Shop. The Animal Tracking and Physical Monitoring Work Shop takes place at Princeton University, New Jersey from 23. to 25. May.  
  • 07-05-07 DTUsat successfully customizes triple junction GaAs solar cells. In order to maximize the available power on the small transmitters carried by the Cuckoos a high efficient solar cell has been tailor made.
  • 26-04-07 DTUsat MMD Revised version. In conjunction with the merger of Danish National Space Center and DTU the DTUsat project structure changed a little. A revised version of the MDD is now available.
  • 17-04-07 Dnepr 2 Launch. DTUsat ground station succesfully receives and records signal from CAPE-1 and CP-4. Read more.
  • 13-04-07 NASA and ESA Astronauts visits DTU. DTUsat FlatSat was presented to the STS-116 crew during their visit at DTU.
  • 09-04-07 Release MECH succesfully tested. The FlatSat version of the Release MECH that releases the Gravity Gradient Boom succesfully passed the function test.
  • 04-04-07 Launch event. The DTUsat project will arrange a small launch event in conjunction with the Dnepr Launch 2. If you are interested in participating please contact René Fléron (rwf - at - spacecenter.dk).
  • 04-04-07 DTUsat to be presented to STS-116 astronaut team during their visit at DTU 12 April 2007. DTUsat students who wish to participate should contact René Fléron.
  • 04-04-07 DTUsat project migrates to Danish National Space Center (DRC). In conjunction with the fusion between DTU and DRC the DTUsat Project Coordinator has moved to DRC and the new project manager is Flemming Hansen from DRC. The project is still a cross disciplinary effort involving many DTU institutes.
  • 15-02-07 Win a bottle of Cava. Design the coolest DTUsat mission patch.
    • 14-11-06 DTUsat featured on TV2 Lorry to night. At 19.30 TV2 Lorry will bring a 4-5 min feature on the DTUsat project. Different subsystems are shortly presented. You may watch it on Net TV after the show.
    • 07-11-06 GGBoom project on display. The GGBoom project and other mechanical DTUsat projects will be offered to MEK students at the Student Project Event at MEK (8. Nov. 16.00-17.00 building 414 room 27)
    • 22-10-06 DTUsat project featured on Danish Radio (DR) P1 - Videnskabens Verden. The program was transmitted on 22. October 2006 at 16.00. 
    • 02-10-06 School kids learns about space and the DTUsat project. Three talks given to primary school children during Natural Science Festival (25. - 29. September) explains fundamental issues of space and the DTUsat project.
    • 29-09-06 DTUsat assigned frequencies by the International Radio Amateur Union (IARU)Downlink: 2401.835 MHz. Uplink: 1268.900 MHz.
    • 24-09-06 HITSAT was launched 23. September from Uchinoura Space Center. DTUsat Ground Station (GS) will try to pick up the beacon from the Cubesat developped by Hokkaido Institute of Technology.
    • 07-06-2006 DTUsat MDD now available on our homepage. The Mission Definition Document is now available for download.
    • 31-05-2006 Book your time slot for the DTUsat Pre-PDR aka Subsystem "Sum Up" Review. Please note that the review has been expanded to a two days event.
    • 19-05-2006 DTUsat Pre-PDR scheduled to 21. june 2006. The Subsystem "Sum Up" Review constitutes the DTUsat Pre-PDR, potential DTUsat students are encouraged to sign up in order to learn more about the project. Detailed program comming soon.
    • 28-04-2006 See the DTUsat Team Member T-shirt. Per Lundahl Thomsen shows his DTUsat T-Shirt.
    • 07-04-2006 Join fellow students at Tycho Brahe Planetarium for the Venus Express Event. Anyone carrying a DTUsat T-shirt gets an icecream.
    • 06-04-2006 Subsystem Groups Page Updated. The list of subsystems and associated projects have been updated with status and supervisors.
    • 03-04-2006 Sign up for the DTUsat BBQ Event. Friday the 21. April 2006 is the day of the DTUsat BBQ Event. The important issues in the SRD are presented. This is an outstanding opportunity to get to know your fellow satellite builders - Sign up!
    • 02-03-2006 DTUsat Kick-Off Event 10 March at 14.00 in 308. The DTUsat advisory board and the Sys.Eng. Group will go through all the written documentation during the morning. At 14.00 the DTUsat group will celebrate the successful completion of the initial specifications of the DTUsat Bird Mission. Kasper Thorup will give a talk on the mission and vision. The event will take place in building 308, auditory 11. Join us and learn more about DTUsat.
    • 08-02-2006 DTUsat project on display at DTU Åbent Hus. Competition winner Kasper Thorup will come by and explain the mission objective.
    • 13-12-2005 The Project Catalogue is now ready for download. Only computers on DTU Campus can download the file. If you are outside the DTU Campus request the catalogue by email.
    • 2-12-2005 The Votes of the Jury are now available.
    • 24-11-2005 Join DTUsat subsystem groups. As the semester comes to a close we are wrapping up the System Requirements Document (SRD). The SRD will be used to define the work done in each susbsystem group. Each group will have a designated supervisor and the tasks will if possible be a part of an ordinary course. Read more.
    • 24-11-2005 All news before the conference has been moved to the News Archive.
    • 14-11-2005 New DTUsat Logo. The selection of the DTUsat Payload marks the first mile-stone and our new logo is thus presented. The homepage will be adjusted accordingly. Read more.




    Admission tickets: If you have not received your ticket yet please contact rwf(at)oersted.dtu.dk.


    Regarding the Conference: The finale Conference Program is now available.
    Images of the Jury members have been uploaded. Last of the tickets has been posted.


    In total 7 widely variated and very creative proposals have been submitted. All proposals have been sent to the Jury and are now available for download.


    Congratulation to the SSETI Express team with the successful launch.


    Proposal submittance: If you experience problems with proposal(at)dtusat.dtu.dk use rwf(at)oersted.dtu.dk instead.


    Associate Prof. Roozbeh Izadi-Zamanabad replaces Prof. Per Høeg in the Jury. Both are working at Aalborg University, hence the balance in the Jury is maintained.


    Invited speaker Project Scientist Peter Jakobsen from ESA will give a talk on HST and JWST - from a cosmologic point of view - at the Payload Conference.


    New page on when and how to join the DTUsat group


    Registration for the DTUsat Call for Payload conference has now opened.


    With a grant of 38 kkr. Ticra covers the cost of the Call for Payload conference.


    The date for the oral presentation of the proposals has been fixed. The presentations will take place at DTU 10th of November 2005.


    The payload contest pages have been translated to Danish: Call For Payload, Payload Specifikationer, Payload Design Hjælp


    The jury has now been appointed.


    Preliminary announcement of the Call for Payload contest.